Sunday, October 29, 2006

Last night I went to the Parade of Lost Souls here in Vancouver. The parade is a celebration of the circle of life and death with more than 200 performers and easily a couple of thousand paraders. I was sad that I didn't go in costume because almost every one in attendance was dressed up. We arrived just a little too late and missed the main performance in the park but we still got to see many of the performers as they wandered the street enteraining the paraders.

My favourite had to be Le Roi du Quebec. This guy was dressed in 1970's style wrestling garb and was going around challenging anyone and everyone to wrestle him with the worst french accent I have ever heard (besides my own). Three times we stopped to watch him, with the final time being to watch him wrestle a Lego Man. It was hysterical. There were two Lego Men and they kept tapping in each other in and out. At one point I really though Le Roi was going to kill one..and I think he thought so too.

The ghostly tango dancers were also very good. One woman was madly stomping around the dance circle and every now and then approach someone in the audience and give them a piece of her Spanish. We quickly figured out why it was easy to get a spot right at the front of the circle as that made you prime target to be a dance partner for one of the performers. Despite my constant jerking my head to the left so they pick Scooper, he never ended up being a victim.

It was so much fun. Next time I will wear a costume for sure as I think you would feel more a part of the event rather than just a spectator. It also allows you to not be yourself which from the looks of things was a lot of fun for many of the participants.

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