Friday, November 24, 2006

Before I forget I needed to get this post up.

I had the craziest dream last night. I was in a motor boat with a bunch of people when I spotted a giant lobster. And when I say giant, I mean killer whale size. We are all facinated by it and then begin to get a little worried as its heading right for us. All of a sudden the captain screams that its going to try and attack us and we are racing off in the boat at full speed with it following us. The only way we can escape is by beaching the boat. After a bit we head out in the water again (there was a reason but I can't remember why) and then a giant whale starts trying to attack us and I am in the lower level sub deck on the boat as I was sent down to fix something and I can see this thing come at us time and time again and all I am thinking is if it takes a chunk off of this hull I'm a goner. Then all of sudden I see an orca and it drives away the killer whale and happily circles around our boat protecting us. He's not huge though...he's regular size.

Interpretations anyone?


Dan said...

You subconsciously want to stop eating seafood. And you're batshit crazy.

Sunfish said...

Lol...hmmm with the amount of seafood I eat a tiny prawn attacking me would have been more likely.

Love the expression 'batshit crazy'