Friday, November 10, 2006

It's Friday, it's still raining and I still have a missing mascot.

It's been a busy week. Wed night I attended the Whitecaps State of the Franchise meeting. Got me excited for next season and confirmed my suspicions that Martin Nash (Steve Nash's brother) is the cuter of the two Nashes.

This afternoon I am off to Chilliwack for the BC Sectionals for Skate Canada...ahh yes figure skating. Should be interesting. To my horror I discovered that Chilliwack wasn't like Mississauga is to TO like I had assumed but it is a good 2 hour drive...on a good day. Today is not a good day. It's a Friday, on a long weekend, and its pouring rain. Chilliwack has got a lot of news coverage lately, even on the weather network (which I only realized when I got out here, is rather TO centric). You may have seen the cows stranded in the new river...yes, I will be going to lovely Chilliwack. I've decided to head out early to try and avoid some of the traffic (apparently its the bridges that kill ya) and was going to try and take in a movie somewhere in Chilliwack. Well..maybe not. They have two theatres and neither have weekday matinees. I was going to make a crack here about your being able to take the city girl out of the city but then I realized..that isn't really me. I mean yes, I was born in and grew up in the big city but I'm as comfortable, if not more so in small towns too.

Time to run and get a few last things done before I head out on my expedition. Have a great Friday of a long weekend.

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Dan said...

"gone gone gone, she's been gone so long, she's been gone gone gone so long."