Sunday, July 15, 2007

Continuing the updates

Last weekend Trent planned a weekend away for us. He wouldn't tell me where we were going or what we were doing, only that I had to take Friday afternoon off. I was allowed to ask questions (about one per week) and through pure chanced threw out the idea that we were going to a tree house one day only to have him incredulously respond that yes, that was what we were doing. So I didn't know where (other than on the Island) and I didn't know what we were doing there but it involved a tree house of sorts.

Imagine my surprise when we were lead through a long wild piece of property to our Spirit Sphere floating in a grove of trees. Words can't describe the Spirit Spheres, you need to check out the links to see the photos and watch the videos about them. Dan tells me there was a piece on the CBC just last night about them. Tom, the creator of the spheres was a most wonderful host and so willing to share his knowledge and ideas with us.

After spending our first night nestled in our floating tree house we were off to Horne Lake to do some caving. It was so much fun and only scary when 300+ meters deep into the caves I realized how high we were off the ground (+30 m's is my est) and that one misplaced step on our climb back down and it would be a long hard fall.

We survived the caving, also know as spelunking and made our way to beach for a picnic lunch. There we learned of the Swimmers/Duck itch affecting the local lakes. We decided to take our chances and carried on to Spider Lake to do a little open water swim.

Tired from our day of spelunking and swimming we made our way back to the floating tree house, showered and headed out for some dinner at a pub up the coast. After dinner we carried on to Courtney to try and catch a few bands at the Island Music Festival. At $85 bucks a piece we decided it was a wee pricey for just 3 hours (Bedouin Sound Clash were playing the following night) so we headed back.

There was a bit of breeze that evening that gently rocked the sphere and made for the best sleep I have had in a long time. It was sad to leave in the morning but before leaving we got a tour of Tom's workshop and got to check out the latest sphere which he plans to turn into a massage studio.

We stopped for a quick swim at Qualicum Beach before heading to the ferry for our journey home.

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