Monday, August 06, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us.

After a week + of entertaining my sister et al, Trent and I finally got a day to ourselves today which was nice as it was our one year anniversary. We celebrated with a little brunch at the Reef (local Caribbean joint) and then an afternoon of stand-up paddle boarding. It was Trent's second time trying it (he tried it at Johnny's when we were home a few weeks ago) and my first time. is so fun. We got some nice little rollers to surf in on and had so much fun paddling around Jericho Beach in and out of the water. A paddle board is now at the top of my wish list...ahead of the surfski/outrigger.

Oh yes..and we also rented a Smartcar for the weekend as my sister had my truck. FUN!

We even managed to park it in my parking spot...sideways with room on either side!

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