Tuesday, September 11, 2007

With the polls now closed, it looks like I squeaked out a victory with a total of 12 votes for Look Out to Trent's 11 votes for Look Off. I attribute the 3 votes on my site to the abnormal number of Coasters that I seem to know, 2 of whom I am sure read my blog. The third I think was Trent voting for himself. :)

It's been an interesting experiment in regional differences. Look for another poll soon as we explore other differences between Coasters and Upper Canadians (not sure why that moniker erks me but it does).

As Trent would say...that is all.


Dan Dickinson said...

It is one of the great fears of my life that some day (say, sometime in 2019) I will cease to be Nova Scotian and will become an Upper Canadian.

Trent said...

That will be sad day indeed!