Sunday, October 28, 2007

After my class on Saturday a friend and I went to Spa-Utopia for the most incredible aroma scrub/massage treatments. At $240 its not something I would normally treat myself to but we both had gift certificates for a good portion of it. I could get used to the spa lifestyle though I don't think my bank account would agree.

Saturday night headed out to Commercial Ave for the Parade of Lost Souls. Our costume of three David Suzuki's with giant green R's on our back ( we were reduce, re-use and recycle) were a great hit. I couldn't believe the number of people who got excited by our DS masks and high fived us. It was awesome. The photos below are of us with two other characters that were a great hit.

After the parade we headed over to the Main for dinner and drinks. We were treated to an impromtu fireworks show as we returned to my car by three guys who had obviously been into the stuff in photo to the left. Excited to have an audience they ran back to the store for more only to frighten us half to death with a shooting firework that fell over and started rotating towards us shooting off fireballs.

Lost track of time today in Capers speaking to the naturopath about herbal supplements. She fully endorsed the Deep Immune that Trent got me hooked on and that I've got all the girls and Scooper using on my claims that I have not had a cold since I began using it about a year ago. Picked up some Holy Basil that Ive heard a lot about lately. It's supposed to uplift, calm and balance with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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