Monday, October 01, 2007

It's October 1st and there is much talk about the office over snow in the mountains.

I'm driving to Kelowna on Thursday and I have to admit, tackling the Coquilhalla alone if there is snow on the pass has me a little nervous. Ever since I was hit a few years back by a sliding car, I've been terrified of driving in the snow. Nan (my SUV) handles well in the snow (she did drive across Canada in the middle of winter after all) and will have a heavy load so I am sure she will do fine; but I still think there were will be many a church hymn sung Thursday morning.

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Anonymous said...

LOL at the church hymns! Oh, how I think, with fondness, of our scary, snowy drives as we belted out renditions of "Here I am Lord" and the ever popular, "All Things Bright and Beautiful".