Sunday, October 21, 2007

Went to the Final Fantasy show with Scooper last night and as I said to Trent when I got home, I would have been annoyed at how late it ran if it weren't for the fact that all three acts were awesome.

Basia Bulat opened. I wasn't familiar with her but on Scooper's recommendation that we should get there in time to see her we are arrived at 7:30 pm. They pushed back the show by an hour and a quarter but it was well worth it when she finally hit the stage. She has a beautiful voice with a great folksy vibe to her music. That girl can also rock a guitar!

Next up were the Great Lake Swimmers. To see these guys (and girl) live in such an intimate setting (Richards) was great. Despite what t-bone says, their music does not make me want to slit my wrists. I just make sure not to listen to it on long drives as it tends to make me sleepy. That said, I think I would list GLS among my all time favourites. Picked up a t-shirt after their set and got to chat for a second with Tony Dekkar :)

Finally at 11:45 pm it was time for Final Fantasy (I had planned to be home and tucked safely in bed by that time). How to describe the Final Fantasy show? (Owen Pallett and his projectionist Stephanie Comilang). I think I've heard him described as an Orchestral genius and I'm not sure that does him justice. His violin looping was something I had never seen in person and it blew me away. And finally, the accompanying projections were beautiful and engaging. You should check out the link to see an example. It really is an art.

At one point in the show I turned to Scooper and said, "You know, I really like Canadian music." He agreed and went on to list all of the great bands who are doing so well on both the Canadian and International music scene. Its a good time to be a Canadian music fan.

Ok..time for some breakfast.

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Dan said...

I think I deserve a shout-out for introducing you to 2 of those bands. I would've introduced you to Basia Bulat too, but...I just don't dig her music that much.

I await my long-distance praise.