Sunday, November 18, 2007

It was a beautiful crisp fall day today in Vancouver. The sun was shining, and the view of the snow capped mountains on the North Shore was clear as could be. After stocking up with fruits and veggies at the market I decided to take the long way home along the water, hoping to find the eagles back at their tree in Vanier Park. I stopped at Go Fish on the way and picked up a couple of fish tacos then made my way over to the park. I found a great picnic table in the park with a view of the eagle tree, English Bay and the mountains. I'm not sure there is a better way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon then munching on killer fish tacos and taking in the beauty of Van. It sure makes you forget about all the rain...and the fact that someone stole my umbrella yesterday when it was absolutely pouring outside.

When will I learn to always pack my camera when I go out for walks? Everything seemed so bright and vibrant this afternoon. I was particularly taken with all of the fishing boats tied up in fisherman's wharf. It seemed to me today that they all had a story to tell me.

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