Thursday, October 27, 2005

Things are looking good for the move on Saturday. I've rented a car, my room is packed and I've mentally sorted out what is going in storage and what is to be taken to my Dad's house (hockey equip/golf clubs etc.). I even managed to clean the fish bowl last night. I figured Sparkle and Sarah would want to make a good impression when they meet their new landlord. Speaking of S&S...I can't believe they are still alive...its been almost a year since they came home with me from 3 & 4's wedding. Now I'm starting to worry about what to do with them when I move out west. Can you fly with goldfish? I'd hate to leave them as there does seem to be a bit of a precedent of pets dying soon after I either go on vacation or move (poor Miss still breaks my heart to think about my leaving her).

Last night when emptying a wicker basket from under my bed I found a pearl earring I had given up for lost. This provided me much joy as I had contemplated discarding the lone earring just the night before and decided to hold on to it.

Tonight, I tackle the baking supplies.

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