Friday, December 30, 2005

The end is near. I turn in my laptop at noon and then the adventure begins.

Here's a quick update on the plans:
  1. Departure date has been set for Friday Jan 6th
  2. Plan is to do two good days of driving Sat and Sunday and hopefully hit the mountains by day 3
  3. Planning to spend a couple of days in Ashland OR with Tanya, John and Nathan
  4. Then its straight up to Van
  5. Got a temporary place for Jan/Feb
  6. Start work Jan 16th..that's right work.

Friends keep asking if there will be a going away party. I'd prefer not as I'm not big on festivities centred around me. So its lots of lunches, teas and dinners as I try and see everyone who is important to me before I go. Its just adding to weight gain problems :)

More to come next week as I have some time in between packing my worldly possessions for the move.

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