Monday, December 19, 2005

Wow..a lot can happen in a week. I have a semi-firm departure date...Friday Jan 6th. Aiming to be settled in Vancouver for January 16th. That gives me 10 days to drive across the country and get myself settled into my new digs. What digs you ask? Right...still working on that. Have exchanged a few Vm's with one lady and emailed two others today. All are in my price range and the locations seem good...for a sublet at least.

Have confirmed a co-pilot for the drive. First offer went out to the BF but he's in the middle of submitting all his apps for Grad school so the timing just didn't work. It's too bad, a cross country trip together would have been the ultimate test for our relationship. Co-pilot duties have now been accepted by Ciara. She has accepted the challenge as long as we make it an adventure. So we will be packing our snowboards and hitting any hills we come across. Our route will most likely take us a bit south through the US as we incorporate a visit with our friends, Tanya and John, in Oregon for a few days. That will leave with us a final push of just 9 hours to get us into Vancouver.

Trying to focus on the adventure part and not on the leaving part as I find I am getting a little upset everytime I think about it too much.

Guh...stupid Vancouver dreams!

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