Thursday, January 12, 2006

After getting some good pictures of Sparkle and Sarah at the hill we packed the car and hit the raod...destination Ashland Oregon. Again I was amazed at how the scenery changed almost as soon as we crossed the border into Oregon. The defining feature was the mountain landscape now painted with evergreens. Again...spectacular. We arrived in Ashland just after 3PM and quickly found T&JH's place. Definitely a step up from Death Valley. JB (TH's sister) had said we would love Ashland and she was right. Its a great town with tons of great restaurants, cool shops and an up and coming wine region. Thanks JH for the great vino Wednesday night. Tonight we plan to check out one of the local restaurants with TH while JH stays in with NH and Milo. A well deserved break for TH.

Tomorrow we make the final push onto Vancouver. JH says he can do it in 9 1/2 so I'm aiming for 8... ok just kidding, we are hoping to make it in under 11 hours. We need the pee breaks!

Just a quick update: it took us 13 hours but we did stop for lunch, hit two outlet malls quickly and hit lots of construction and traffic all the while driving through pouring rain

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