Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm starting to lose track on what day it is. We arrived in Ashland Oregon yesterday afternoon. but I think I have a few days to catch up on before I get to that.

When we set off from Park City we crossed through Salt Lake City and crossed into Nevada. Its incredible how the landscape changes so much from one state to another and even within states. We spent a good few hours crossing the Salt Flats and driving through desert. We crossed into Northern California in the early evening and decided to make a push for Mt Shasta. After what seemed to be a never ending drive through thick forest in rain and dense fog we finally made it to Mt Shasta around 7:30 PM. We quickly found a motel and pulled in. Mt. Shasta had a lot to live up to after the long drive and it didn't disappoint. We had dinner at a great Mexican restuarant where our margaritas where the size of our heads and the food terrific.
In the morning we had delicious bagels and tea at Seven Suns Cafe and Coffee.

We discovered that there was a ski hill near by and quickly made the decision to spend the morning boarding before heading off to Tanya's just across the border in Oregon. I am I ever glad we did. I can easily say I have never seen any place so beautiful. As we rode the chair lift up for the first time we just gaped in awe at the sight of the mountains peeking through the clouds. It was spectacular.

Great place to board, three chair lifts, nice runs and not too crowded, I almost felt like I was ripping them off at $25 for the day.

I want to thank Keith and the guys at Mt. Shasta Board and Ski Park for taking such great care of Sarah and Sparkle while we rode. As Gary would say...we'll be back!

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