Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Not much time to write this morning. We spent the day in Park City, Utah yesterday. Utah is such a beautiful state...definitely on my list of places to come back to. We boarded at Park City and it was incredible. The weather was spectacular, sunny, clear and not too cold. My knees are black and blue after a few spectacular falls but other than being tired and sore I am on a total high. Park City is awesome, but definitely for the rich and famous. The Sundance Movie festical arrives next week so there is lots of buzz going on, apparently snoop dog is coming.

Must run, we want to hit the road early today and are aiming to get past Reno so we can be in Ashland visiting Tanya early tomorrow.

We got some great shots of Sarah and Sparkle. Will try and upload them at Tan's house. Everyone on the road has been so nice to us. I guess 2 girls, 2 goldfish and a license plate from so far away make poeple want to find out what you are up to.

Have a great day!

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