Sunday, January 08, 2006

What a day of driving. Its 9:27 PM Mountain Time right now but feels well past midnight. Our day started off well enough with a nice drive across rolling plains with lots of farm land and cattle ranches. Desperate for tea midmorning we pulled off at an exit and were most excited to see a drive through Starbucks. Now we are in the middle of the central plains here...Starbucks was the last place we expected to find. Unfortunately it was still being built so there would be no tea for us. Luckily we found an awesome little place across the street. Had fun trying to order "hot" tea but finally we pulled out tea in hand and hit the road again. We were making great time until we left Rawling around 4PM. It started to snow as we hit the mountains and we battled through 1.5 hours of white out conditions and very high winds. As a result we stopped about 150 miles earlier than originally planned as driving was slow and a more than a little stressful.

Sarah and Sparkle are doing great. They had an awesome time in York were we got some great pictures of them in an old western town. Not sure if was meant to be a ghost town or if that was because of the time of year.

Surprisingly we aren't going stir crazy yet. This afternoon we started listening to the Life of Pi (thanks Arshia). The wide selection of music and audio books/lectures is definitely helping pass the time.

Tomorrow we are heading to Park City to do some snowboarding. Our plan is to be on the slopes by 11AM, board for a 3-4 hours then get back on the road for 3-4 hours more. Apparently there are is also some good outlet shopping to be had there too.

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