Sunday, January 08, 2006

Its the morning of Day 3. We are in Omaha NB. Weather is clear and crisp. Our destination today is Salt Lake City. From that point on we should be able to start the snowboarding portion of our trip.

But lets go back to Day 2.
We got off to a bit of a late start as we decided to stay and have breakfast with my sister and her family. After some yummy waffles we loaded up the Santa Fe and hit the road. Less than 30 minutes into our journey we hit a road closure. The 94 was shut down due to poor weather conditions. We had seen at least 10 cars off the road, several of them on their roofs. It took close to an hour to just get off the hwy but as luck would have it, right when I hit the intersection at the off ramp we saw them opening up the road again and I manager to swing around and get right back on. It looks like they salted the road heavily so it was good driving from that point on.

We hit Chicago around 3:30 2:30 CT. After about 11 hours in the car we started to experience problems with the volume on the stereo. After much discussion and trying everything to get the volume to increase I finally realized that I was using the tuner knob...not the volume knob. Perhaps it was nearly time to call it a day. We hit Omaha just before 11PM and called it a night.

Sarah and Sparkle appear to be enjoying the road trip so far.

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