Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day 1 was quite the adventure. We didn't hit the hwy until 4 PM...justin time to hit TO rush hour. 2.5 hours and much frustration later we finally got to Hwy 8 to head to Waterloo and drop off Arshia. Just in time to hit Waterloo rush hour. We ended up having to pull off at the first exit and had dinner to wait out the traffic. What a nightmare. Sarah and Sparkle were quite a hit at the Outback restaurant we stopped at. The manager wasn't so impressed and reminded me that pets are not allowed. If any customers complained we would have had to leave. Thankfully Sarah and Sparkle were well behaved.

After getting lost in the country near Cambridge and driving beside over and under the 401 we were finally back on the road at 8:45 PM. We finally pulled into Caron's driveway at 11:45 PM. It would have been 11:30 if we hadn't got stuck at a train crossing. I fully expected the bridge to be up when we hit the Island but luckily we got across with no delays :)

We are running late this morning and dealing with some technical issues. I will update our adventure later.

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Lt. Dan said...

Waterloo has a rush hour?

Drive safe, kids.