Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A change really is as good as a rest. I'm sitting at my desk here at 595 Burrard Street and the sun is shining in right now and life really couldn't be better at this moment. current accommodations are little less than ideal but in the grand scheme of things it hardly matters. I'm feeling quite invigorated. I spent the morning reading through a ton of information on BMO's sponsorship of the Grouse Grind Mountain Run. It has me inspired to get back into shape and see what kind of time I can post on this thing. The have this program called the Summit Seeker that I might sign up for. It tracks your times and has a website you can use to see how you are doing.

I've been very lucky. The few people I know here in Vancouver have all gone out of their way to try and see me this week. I met MH for lunch today, as it turns out she works practically right across the street. We had great cookies for dessert at Bread Garden. They actually got MH's right from the oven, it was so hot they had to put it on a plate for her. I had the peanut butter and it was fab.u.lous! Tonight, # 3's friend NB has invited me over for dinner, while tomorrow I am meeting AM for dinner. My social calendar is filling up. And to top it all off, 3/4 of the House of Fun will be in Vancouver this weekend as #3 comes tomorrow and #2 (also known as T-Bone) on Friday. We just need #4 now, its not too late to buy a ticket. On Sunday, all of the ex-pat BMO Toronto folks are getting together with a few more BMO people in from TO. Should be a great time.

Shine On!

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