Friday, January 20, 2006

I've pretty well finished uploading all of my photos from trip. I just need to get them onto a site to share. The problem is this loaner laptop is the slowest piece o crap I have ever used. It takes me 30+ minutes just to log on each morning. I've started coming in, logging on then going back down the elevator and down the street 2 blocks to Starbucks while its doing its thing.

I had 4 apts to check out last night. I didn't even stop at the first three. #1 - location was all wrong, far too busy an intersection (right near the Burrard Bridge), #2 - location was further south than I wanted and with that in mind I wasn't about to consider any place that ugly looking. #3, ahhh #3. It sounded good on paper but when I drove up it reminded me of a smaller version of my current place, just strung with Christmas lights...lots of Christmas lights. Then there was #4. It was in a good location, Alma and 5th Avenue. 3 story building that looked very well taken care of. The Apt was on the first floor, directly outside the main entrance. I thought I might be able to deal with that but once I saw that the garbage dumpster and recycling bins were the highlights of my view #4 was out too. I started to worry last night that maybe I'm just being too much of a princess. But I don't think I am. Really, its been 6 days. I think I can find something clean, safe and in my price range yet. If I don't find anything in the next two weeks I'm going to expand my horizons, there are lots of great spots in the city and I do have a car and bike.

Just thought I would iinclude one of the great shots from our day in Mt. Shasta. My little party camera really does take some spectacular shots.

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Lt. Dan said...

Take your time. It takes a while to find a good place, especially in a new city. You might want to try posting a question on Ask Metafilter; they're good at answering 'where should i rent' questions.

Oh, and I'd recommend flickr as a site to store and share the photos. Easy for you and your readers.