Friday, January 27, 2006

I did the tour de Vancouver last night. In an attempt to find Sofabed so Good I drove around East Vancouver (I think) for a good 45 minutes only to reach the store minutes after closing. It was then off to Ikea. Of course I forgot the exact address and could only recall some major cross streets near by. I'm sure there has to be a faster way there then my round-about journey. Ikea was rather disappointing so I decided to try and find a Bay location I had looked up. I finally made my way there and to my delight found a great shopping mall, The Oakridge Centre. Of course by that time I only had about 30 minutes to shop. Picked up a shower curtain and bathmat for the new pad.

Spoke with Grant the property manager last night. The pad should be ready before the 1st, he's gonna give me a call on the weekend. The new carpet and linoleum look good. I'm looking forward to leaving the grim behind when I move.

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