Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm having a hard time focusing here this afternoon. Our little 10-11 KM run before work this morning has really knocked me out. It was pitch black when we set out through Stanley Park this morning, so dark that it was a little unnerving running when you couldn't see where you were stepping. Once we hit the seawall it was smooth sailing as the light from the moon reflected off the water, it was truly stunning.

The new job is going well. The divisional SVP has bought into my idea of having him run around to a bunch of branches on a designated Kick Off day to get employees enthused about the marathon. For those of you who don't know, I got a 4 month gig working on BMO's sponsorship of the BMO Bank of Montreal Vancouver Marathon. So there is a reason for all this running. I have a feeling I might have to participate in all of the crazy running events I keep dreaming up.

Looking forward to getting into the new place. I bought a great leather arm chair on Tuesday night at a great store call Chintz. Tonight I am off sofabed shopping. I've checked out the major department stores downtown but now its off to SofaBed So Good and Ikea. I'm thinking red in a modern kind of shape. I'm also thinking reasonably priced after the leather armchair (which was 50% off mind you).

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