Monday, February 20, 2006

It was a short and sweet trip to TO this past weekend for me. I arrived Wed night just before midnight. Met my Dad for lunch on Thursday then headed into work. Met up with T-Bone and DD for tea and some catching up. After a couple of hours of work it was then off to Wish for dinner with the Corp. Sponsorship & VIM folks. Met up with CH for a quick drink at the Dora Keogh afterwards then it was home to bed.

Friday morning DD and I met for a little New Yorker Deli breakfast then it was back to the office for 4 straight hours of meetings on the marathon. After a quick doctors appt, it was back to CH’s to meet AN. We went to grab some lunch and a few drinks on the Danforth before meeting up with CH, JB and TC, plus CH’s new man for some dinner and then off to the Body Worlds 2 show at the Science Centre.

Saturday, after a less than stellar breakfast at Edward Levesque’s Kitchen (my fault for trying something new) AN and I stopped in to visit #’s 3&4 before heading to the Old Mill for PB & SM’s wedding. With less than 45 minutes for us to both shower and get ready for the wedding we arrived just in time to snag a standing only space along the side wall of the chapel to see a beautiful SM walk down the isle beaming. The reception set the bar for all celebrations to follow in 2006. After touching speeches from both sets of parents and the best man & maid of honour; PB & SM took to the podium. The highlight of PB’s speech was a brief reference to their starting a family and SM interjecting with a "Surprise! I’m pregnant". It was a joke but certainly set off many cheers, loudest of all those from Mrs. Buday. AN showed his prowess on the dance floor and was a wonderful date for the evening, like I ever doubted. We had to do a lot of explaining that no he didn’t live in BC or plan to relocate out there anytime soon. We closed the reception down and somehow made our way back to our room. I actually think we may have left with PB & SB (no longer SM), its a bit of a blurr to be honest.

Finally AN and I got some time to ourselves on Sunday. We had a delicious brunch at Mitzy’s then spent the afternoon hanging out and trying to post-pone the eventual trip to the airport. After many tears on my side (not to suggest he is cold hearted, but I was a sobbing mess) he finally left for his Kung Fu class. I tried to keep myself busy drowning my sorrows in donuts and chocolate as I waited for my delayed flight. I got home around 9:45 PT to find Sarah & Sparkle swimming happily around their tank. I’m so glad to have them here with me as they seemed happy to see me Ok…I know they just wanted to be fed, cut me some slack.

Wedding pictures to can find some on LA's VOC Blog

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