Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A little inspirational story to start the day.

I came in this morning to find an email from a BMO employee I spoke to last week about volunteering for the marathon. She had told me she was unable to run the marathon as she was wheelchair bound but that she would love to volunteer. She also mentioned that her sister is a marathoner and she is planning on going to Boston to watch her sister run. When I responded to her note about volunteering I mentioned how moved I was by seeing the wheelchair athletes when I was in Boston watching #4 run a few years ago. I let her know that the Van Marathon has a wheelchair full marathon, just in case she was interested. I got an email back this morning that said she had taken the weekend to think about it and that she is going to try and wheel the marathon! I never expected her to agree to do it so this comes as a great surprise. I plan to be the one out on the course cheering the loudest for her when she crosses the line!
(That is if I can finish the half before she finishes the full.)

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