Monday, February 27, 2006

Nothing too exciting to report today. Corporate Security is working on the break in. I'm getting quite good a providing just the facts, nothing but the facts. Apparently the description of the ponytailed man is quite interesting to them.

AM and SB came with NB and I to yoga on Friday night. It was a good class, we did a few group exercises which were fun. Eoin hugged me as I expected. It went better than I expected, I had harboured some concerns that he might make the entire class hug me. NB and I met JB after yoga for some eats at The Distillery. The food was great but the service, not soo much. Here's a thought, if you hate your job so much, get a new one! I almost wrote on the bill Thanks for the great service but held off as they did make a mean burger.

Met TS for brunch on Saturday. It was nice to see a familiar face and catch up as we didn't get to talk much at the wedding.

Sunday I had brunch with Scooper. It was quite entertaining as he had the window seat and kept losing track of our conversation...too much eye candy in my neighbourhood. Later I rode over to Granville Market. It takes less than 10 minutes, and that includes locking up my bike! Sweet!

Ended up buying the Baha couch on Sunday afternoon...a little retail therapy if you will.

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