Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Canadian Tire story

Last Monday night after a meeting at BC Place Stadium I decided to stop in at the nice new CT store on Cambie. I park on the top level which is their seasonal area. I go do my shopping, stand in line and pay for my purchases. Heading out to my car I realize that I had meant to pick up some potting soil. So I throw my bag in the back of the Santa Fe then wander over to look at the potting soil. I decide on the one I wanted, the Promix 35 L for $6.95. I go back in the store and get in line again.

It's finally my turn and I tell the cashier what I want. She looks at her potting soil code list and can't figure out which one it is so she starts trying different codes. I am keenly aware that there is a long line up and only this one cashier. As she brings one up I say I will take it, its the one I want but double the size. She wants to keep looking but I'm like its fine, there is a line I will take that one. She then decides to call the guy working on the floor. He comes over and they discuss it and he wants me to go outside and show him the one I want. He keeps saying I need the ticket for the soil, that I should have grabbed it outside. I again say I will take the one she has found and just find it outside. . He refuses to let me do this so I said that I didn't want one after all, that it just wasn't worth the hassal.

I leave the store, a little frustrated by the experience but not all that angry. As I am walking back to my car I decide to take a look for these tickets you are supposed to grab. I'm a little confused as I see nothing at all that looks like a tag your grab and take it to show which one you want. I turn and head back to my car. All of a sudden I hear yelling and I turn to see the guy from the floor come running out and he's yelling at me. So I stop and he's screaming at me to see my receipt. I'm now at my car so I open the back and reach into my bag and show him the reciept. He then says he thinks he saw me put a bag of potting soil in my car. I'm flabbergasted (love that word). So I say "I'm sorry....did you just say you think you saw me put a bag of potting soil in my car?" He states the same thing again at the top of his voice and I almost laugh as it is absolutely outrageous. So I then say, "Are you accusing me of stealing a bag of potting soil" and he once agains says he though he saw me put a bag of potting soil in my car. I'm not sure how many times we said "A bag of potting soil". Through all of this I am just stunned at the allegations and I explain that I was just looking for the tickets he said I need to bring in. He then denies ever having said anything about tickets and tells me I can go back and ask the cashier, she will back him up. Next he wants me to go back into the store with the bag of soil I originally wanted and pay for it. I said to him, so let me get this straight, you now want me to pick up the bag of soil, walk back inside, stand in line and buy this bag of soil". It was in fact what he wanted. At that point I said I was leaving.

I was too stunned at the time to do anything about it and now a week has gone by and I think its too late to complain.

Anyways...that's the story. I always thought that I looked rather innocent, not like the thieving type.

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