Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It looks like it will take me a few days to recover from the marathon, and I'm not talking physically. My desk looks like a whirlwind has passed over it and its starting to look like a going out of business sale what with the marathon stuff, the yoga mats and now the exercise balls left over from the Expo.

A few thoughts on the half marathon:
  1. It might not be such a great idea to be both an organizer and a participant
  2. The first 5 miles were awesome
  3. Having wet feet for 13 miles is not fun
  4. Having dry shoes to change into unlike thousands of others is good
  5. If you put your head down and just go, Prospect Point is nothing!
  6. Seeing familiar faces on the course really does make a difference
  7. Diggs may have beaten me but I can walk normally
  8. Meredith Jenkins is awesome
  9. Having a VIP pass that allows you to hangout right in the finish line chute is very cool
  10. Hamburgers post race taste awesome!

My little running group is now planning to do the Scotia Half at the end of June in Vancouver. Before Sunday I was not interested and now I can't wait. I'd really like to see if I can improve my time with a little pre-race rest.

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