Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last night Robert (rowed 8's with him) and I decided to give the double sculls a try. Not as easy as it looks. Our goal for the evening was to remain in the swimming in False Creek. I thought this rather ambitious after spending the first 10 minutes just trying to stay steady, but we did it! We actually had a few good stretches where the boat actually felt good. It didn't help that the girl coaching us seemed to like to wash us out a lot when we had enough wake to deal with what with all of the water taxis, sailboats and stupid dragonboaters! Ahh I understand why the rowers all hated us down at Sunnyside.

In other news, I feel like I haven't been eating enough bacon lately (ok...I did have a bacon & tomato sandwich last night for dinner and bacon at brunch on Sunday) so I am going to start a little quest for the best bacon in the city. I figure some one's got to do it and why not me. Look for my bacon top 5 on the right panel if I can figure out how to play with the code and get it in there. DD...pls expect my desperate calls in about a day and a half when I admit that simple cut and paste of code is really beyond me.

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