Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thank you lt. dan for sending me this link. Iheartbacon

Check out their bacon rating system! Sweet!...actually Salty might be more appropriate!

All this bacon talk has made me a little nostalgic. Here are just a few of my favourite bacon memories

  1. Coming home from church as a kid to the smell of bacon wafting out the kitchen window...mmm bacon/eggs and fried bread!
  2. Getting the G&G gang to chant "We love Bacon" to calls of "Who loves bacon?" in Hawaii
  3. The CF thinking my I Love Bacon shirt was about him
  4. AN's face when on our first date I asked him how he felt about bacon. I think he thought it was a trick question and didn't know how to respond. Luckily he turned out to be a kindred spirit when it came to the bacon
  5. Scooper telling me at brunch one day that he thinks he eats way more bacon since I have moved to BC despite having brunched with me only twice.
  6. Having a discussion with Craig Davidson online about how bacon is a great ice breaker..mental note - next time I go to one of his readings I must remember to work up the courage to use bacon as an ice breaker with him :)

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