Monday, June 26, 2006

I could almost have thought I was in TO this past weekend with the sunshine and heat.

Started to weekend off with drinks and dinner at Watermark with the BMO ladies. We couldn't have had a better spot right on the balcony looking out over the beach. We did some great people watching while eating yummy appetizers/great salads and drinking some tasty summer martinis.

Saturday was another beautiful day and after picking up our race kits we wandered over to Fisherman's Wharf for lunch at Go Fish. I had heard it was good but never expected it to be that good. The fish tacos were to die for and the tuna burger, OMG! If only PK could see me now!

Sunday it was off to UBC for the ScotiaBank Vancouver Half Marathon. It was crazy hot out even at 7:00 AM but we persevered and managed to drag our sorry selves across the line in just over 2 hours. No one in the group managed to come close to their time goals and I think we were all pretty happy to just finish the race. I'm hobbling about today but all things considered I'm doing better than I expected as my knee is not happy.

After a quick brunch Sunday morning NB and I headed off for pedicures at Pure Nail Bar on 4th. We then met up with the sailors at Jericho Yacht Club for a quick beer on the patio. I accompanied the boys on the trip back to Kits Yacht Club. It took us no time to get back with the wind but when the centre board wouldn't drop to allow Captain Neil to steer us into the dock we ran into some troubles and ended up way over at the far end of Kits Beach toward the Burrard Inlet. It took over an hour of Darcy and I paddling and Neil and John pulling the boat in the water to get back to the club. Now you might be thinking why wouldn't they just motor in? Well yes we could have done that if the motor hadn't fallen into the water the week before in another more perilous sailing expedition. If you could have seen me when we got back to the club. There I was dressed in a cute little orange and pink skirt with a white tank top; soaked, filthy and limping. At least I had good toes!

View from the Jericho Yacht Club balcony.

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Lt. Dan said...

I simply cannot read the words "fish taco" without giggling.

I'm such a juvenile.