Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm sad to report that my father's girlfriend Esther passed away this morning. I wasn't sure whether to mention it but have decided to post a little something in tribute to her.

Esther came into my father's life about five or six years after my mother passed away. The positive impact that she had on my father couldn't be missed and to her I am ever grateful. Together they both found happiness again and took advantage of every day that they had together. While it is tragic that he has had to deal with such a loss once again, its comforting to know that he doesn't have to live with any regrets of thoughts of "if only we had"...because they did. Whether it was trips to the Caribbean or downtown to meet me for lunch, everyday they were up to something new. So I just wanted to say thank you to Esther and her family for welcoming my father, and the rest of us, into your family. We were very lucky to have you for the time we did.


Lt. Dan said...

Sorry to hear that.

Sunfish said...

Thanks man.