Friday, June 09, 2006

Went to the Nike Run - Vancouver last night. NB & LE have been going for a while but it was my first time. Thought we were going to be the only ones for a while as it was pouring rain, but by run time we were up to about 7-8 runners and 3 run leaders. Our run leader...I'll call him Roma was great, lots of fun. The run finished with a crazy steep 3 blocks straight up hill. I put my head down and just went and managed to do the entire hill without stopping at a pretty good pace...almost threw up mind you. The best part of the run was that I tested out some Nike to like wearing someone elses sneakers when its pouring out. I had nice dry shoes to change into afterwards.

We went to see X3 after the run. I've never been a big comic book fan but I have to admit, I really like XMen. It might be because I love all of the super powers. We were talking about what power we would each want and I said to be able to breath underwater. Apparently that wasn't exciting enough so I think flying would be cool too, I liked the look of Angel's wings. I also thought that Juggernaut had some pretty good lines, I particularly liked his knocking himself out.

Did you see the last lines after the credits? Very exciting! There has to be an X4 now...doesn't there. I guess if I was comic book fan I would know this. Ohh well, one can only hope.

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Lt. Dan said...

I didn't stay for the final scene, but my brother did and he filled me in.

They've already pretty much committed to X4, so you're right.