Thursday, August 17, 2006

Every now and then I am reminded how fortunate I am.

Last week while at NTT's I found out that my sister has to go in for brain surgery in early September. When I got the news I was hanging out with someone who without saying very much was able to make me feel very comforted. I got through the week of racing knowing I had some really great friends to lean as I was definitely a little freaked out and stressed at trying to figure out how I was going to manage taking time off work once again. The reason I say I am fortunate is that over the past 5+ years my company has been completely supportive of any time I have requested off to help my sister out, and I have needed a lot. And even though I am in a new role in a new province on contract I was told to do what ever I needed to do.

I guess the point of this posting is to say thank you to those of you who kept me distracted over the last week (ok...that was really just one of you who kept me distracted) but also my friends who were totally understanding and supportive. Thank you so much CH for letting us take up residence in your spare room, Jax & Blake for the drives and comfy couch and especially T-Bone for her enthusiasm at how things have worked out..thank god there will be no tears of sorrow!

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T-Bone said...

Only tears of frickin' JOY! :)

Love ya!