Monday, August 14, 2006

Spent the August long weekend in Bala at the cottage. On top of db training I was lucky enough to get a couple of good wakeboarding sessions in. A little friendly competition led to learning to bunny hop and switch foots and one of the most spectacular falls I have ever taken. Caught my front edge and took a face plant rather hard.

The lack of power up North didn't get in the way of Karaoke Saturday night. Sometime after several PTU's and a long day spent on the water I moved from spectator to participant. Capped off the weekend by catchng the Sloan show at the Kee on Sunday night. Plans to cab it back to the cottage afterwards were thwarted by a lack of cabs. After walking more than half way we finally managed to hitch a ride in the back of a pick up the rest of the way home.

Tuesday it was off Welland for National Team Trials. All of our teams, women/men and mixed won in all categories. The women's races were spectacular with the team posting some definitive wins in both the 500 and 1,000M distances.

Wednesday it was T-bone time. We met at Mitzy's for breakfast then spent the following 2+ hour crying as we watched World Trade Centre. We all know the details of what happened on 9/11 but the movie puts a face on those involved in the rescue. With puffy eyes and runny noses we made our way down to the Pantages Spa for pedicures. I left T-bone with #3 and met up with another friend (Ok...TW) in town for WCC's. We took in Shakespeare in the Park's A Comedy of Errors which was really great despite cramped quarters . Thursday morning, after driving the pontoon boat from Pickering to the WCC site (a 1:54 minute boat ride) we played tourists in TO first heading to Chinatown for lunch and then spending the afternoon exploring The Distillery District. Friday to Sunday it was down to Marilyn Bell Park from early morning to late evening for the WCC's. The G&G crew didn't perform quite as well as we wanted but we had a lot of fun and looked great doing it. We had a great time hanging out at the G&G trailer all weekend and being well fed by Alex, our faithful team cook.

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