Thursday, September 21, 2006

I knew I should have written my posting on the Amy Millan show last night. Now the post show high has worn off and I fear I won't be able to clearly articulate how much I enjoyed it

First off let me say that the Richards on Richards venue was perfectly suited for the intimate show she put on. It wasn't a large crowd but it was definitely an engaged one. Amy gave a bit of back ground about quite a few of the the songs and even expressed her surprise, happy surprise at that, that the crowd was embracing her country stuff as much as the rock & roll. In the crowd to support her show was her Stars bandmate, Torquil Campbell who apparently lives in Vancouver (just for the weed). Torquil joined her on stage to perform Calendar Girl (I think...see I should have written this last night). Jenny Whitely provided back up through out the show and together they performed Jenny's Baby I together which was awesome. From Losing You to Pour Me Up Another they were are great. That is all!

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