Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dan, you will be so proud of me. I've done it, I've actually set myself up on Skype (is one on Skype or does one use skype? I don't really know). Anyways, tonight I made my first calls with it. The first was to TW's answering machine which I'm not sure if he could understand as I was quite excited. Calls to land lines and mobile phones are free until the end of the year so I am hoping to save a lot of $$$. When TW and I spoke later, it was good but it definitely not as good as the phone. The echo and the breaks forced us to need to repeat ourselves many times. I'm not sure if that has to do with the whole land line/internet thing or maybe even the quality of the transmission to the NWT. What ever the challenges, its still really great to be able to talk for free and not have to be watching the clock thinking about how much it is costing us.


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