Friday, October 13, 2006

Vehicle inspection + hotline booties = a good deal.

This morning I went to get a vehicle inspection done on the Santa Fe so I can get my car plated and insured here in BC. I asked the guy at the ICBC office where to go for it. He said the Canadian Tire right next door did them for $108 plus tag and taxes or I could go to this other place that was $48 but it was about a 10 minute drive away. At a $60 dollar price difference I decided it was worth the drive to Cambie so off I went. Well....was it ever worth the drive. I walk into the place, a classic grimy garage and discover that not only is the guy a mechanic he's also a total surf junkie selling surf stuff on the side. I left with a pair of Hotline booties for $50 and the promise of a good deal on a suit when it comes time to upgrade. Sweet. So the 10 minute drive basically got me a free pair of booties as my total bill came to less than the Canadian Tire charge for the inspection.

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