Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just 1o days until my Calgary/Banff trip. My part of the trip is all booked up now we just have to get Trent there, which is far more of a challenge. It seems that the plans for their travel to the conference in Calgary change daily. We've had him arriving Sunday, then Wednesday and now it looks like Monday, which isn't great as I arrive Sunday and leave Wednesday morning. I have visions of him arriving in Calgary just as I am taking off back to Van. I'm sure it will all work out in the end but for someone like me who likes to have all of the controllables controlled its definitely challenging. I have no control!

Had hoped to get out this weekend with the new snowshoes but the lower back/pelvis issues persist. I power walked last night with some ladies in my running club and was in pain and limping along less than 10 minutes into our 4 KM walk. I never appreciated how important a healthy back is even for regular day to day activity. I'm also starting to feel the effects of my inactivity. My pants are definitely feeling a little tighter (I attribute that to the loss of my hour walk a day (to/from work), not my constant snacking or the fact that I've turned into a total couch potato. Must start swimming before I have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.

Looking forward to Lent as my annual abstention from sweets will certainly curb the snacking problem referenced above. It strikes me as kind of funny that I said I am looking forward to Lent...who looks forward to Lent? I haven't finalized my list for this year, I've being toying with the idea of adding bacon but despite my love for it I'm not sure I eat enough of it to really feel that giving it up for 6 weeks is a challenge. It's definitely going to be tough giving up sweets with several trips including a week in Tofino with Trent during this time.

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