Sunday, March 11, 2007

I have just come home from breakfast with Scooper at the Tomahawk. Once again, I say its worth the two bridge crossings just for the Yukon style bacon. After struggling to finish last time I learned my lesson and went with the half order of french toast plus the side of bacon. Scooper on the other hand went with the Yukon breakfast (I think that was the name) which came with enough of the Yukon style bacon to feed a family of joking.

Besides the breakfasting I have had a very productive weekend. Friday night I set aside as Night of Jenn. I picked up some movies after work (Babel and The Last Kiss) and then ordered in the Chalet Swiss. Yesterday I had a list of things to do of which I accomplished all. I took a car load of stuff to the Salvation Army and am relieved to be rid of the snowboarding boots that have caused me so much pain. Also went to see The Lives of Others... Academy Award winner for best foreign film. I thought it was excellent. It gave a great insight into what society was like in t he GDR before the wall fell.

Today its cleaning the fish tank and making a big batch of vegetarian chili. I still get a good laugh whenever I think of #3 and I making chili with the veggie ground and trying to convince #2 (a die hard carnivore) that it was meat. While #3 and I couldn't taste the difference all she needed was a spoonful to taste the difference.

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