Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm starting to tire of all this rain..though on the bright side it does give me lots of opportunity to wear my fun new rain coat.

Not too much planned for the weekend.

Scored some tickets (12 actually) to the Canada vs. Scotland U20 match tomorrow. I've set up a number of managers who are soccer fans with tickets so it should be a good time. There's a half time reception being hosted by the Province...hopefully its beer and burgers!

Sunday I have a free-style swim clinic from 1-4 PM. I'm hoping it will help me become a more efficient swimmer and figure out how to better engage my legs. Shannon and I decided to race two of our 50 m fast pieces in this morning's workout. I did pretty well, kept up with her right to the end finishing only about an arms length behind, though I'm not sure if she was going all out. I realized that I can probably swim a lot harder than I am right now.

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