Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No clue what I ate yesterday to inspire the following dream but it was a doozy.

The setting of my dream appeared to be a dusty campground with lots of Japanese tourists who did not speak english milling around. It all started when I was lured into looking at a snake under the promise that there was no way it could get near me. As I peered in, the snake lunged and wrapped itself around my arms and neck and had its mouth open on my but didn't sink its fangs in. I of course was initially paralyzed with fear as I awaited in the inevitable. When I didn't die immediately I start to freak out, in as calm a fashion as possible, and kept pleading with people to help me but no one would. After repeatedly asking for help a car finally pulled into the parking lot and one of the occupants managed to cut the head off of the snake. All I can remember was the hysterical feeling of panic that my worst fear was finally coming true..that I was going to be killed by the snake.

Needless to say I didn't feel to well rested when I woke up this morning.

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