Sunday, March 18, 2007

Swimming is going well. I met Shannon at 10 AM this morning and we got in a good swim before heading to the market to do a little shopping. After our workout we worked on my flip turns. It's been years since I have done them but I think with a little practice I might be able to incorporate them into my workouts.

We had a nice break from the rain today. We didn't get any sun but it was warm and dry, you can't ask for that after all the rain the last few days.

Starting to get excited for our trip to Tofino. Twelve days until Trent arrives. Woo Hoo! I picked up a board for Trent on Thursday that we found on Craigs List. I've nicked named her the Mistress. Right now she is leaning against the wall at the foot of my bed. I still have to pick up Mitch as he's stored in Niki & John's garage. I can't wait to get the Mistress and Mitch out to catch some waves.

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