Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm currently going through a total hate on with my mobile service provider. My phone bill is out of control and I feel like they nickle and dime me for everything. I have all these extra charges for services I don't want like call waiting and three way calling which I can't drop. Ughh!

I'm now considering getting a land line again and reducing my cell usage as much as possible. I read today that landlines use far less energy and doesn't emit microwaves into the atmosphere, making it potentially healthier.

So the question for me now is, do I go with a regular telephone service provider or VoIP? My concern with VoIP is quality and reliability, especially when calling the NWT. Our Skype connection sometimes isn't that great as Trent doesn't yet have broadband and I have to call his land line. I'm just not sure the savings are worth the potential service challenges and questionable call quality

Would appreciate any feedback you have on VoIP. Is it worth it?

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