Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I've just come home tonight from an event at the Vancouver Art Gallery. VAG have just relaunched their Young Patron's Program and I went to see what it was all about. The program sounds really interesting with lots of special events for members and the crowd looked to be quite diverse. Definitely a lot of young hip artsy folks with an equal number of young professionals. From the number of people at the relaunch event it looks to be very popular with many people lining up for memberships.

I was lucky enough to get a quick private tour of the House of Oracles: A Huang Yong Ping Retrospective exhibit before the evening officially started. This installation has garnered quite a bit of press recently with the controversial insect exhibit which in just the last few days has been dismantled. I was quite taken by his re-creation of a Beaux Arts-style bank using 40,000 pounds of sand (I had no idea what a Beaux Arts-style bank was). I'm definitely going to go back when its a little less busy and take my time to experience the exhibit properly.

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