Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This posting is for all of the DBers out there.

I'm paddling for G&G again this summer so I've hooked myself up with a team to train with a bit out here. Here's is what we did at practice tonight. I'm calling it the shoulder blower work out. Please keep in mind that it is mid April and the first race is in the middle of June.

Warm Up - 2-3 min paddle
Work out - Starts, yes starts. We began with the first stroke then the first 5. From there we added on 4 sprint. We continued adding on sets of 4 until we were up to 8 sets, so 5, 8 (4). We practice the 5, 8 (4) a few times then all switched sides on the boat and went through the whole process again.
Cool Down - From about 350 m from the dock we took it in doing as many ups of 4 as it took to get to the loading area.

We did starts the whole hour and half minus the 2-3 minute warm up at the beginning. My tongue is starting to hurt from biting it as I try not to say a word. I'm starting to question whether the coach is working for the competition.

I also forgot to mention that we did all of this while wearing earphones and our MP3 players cranked all the way up so we couldn't hear anything.

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