Monday, September 03, 2007

I'm sitting here watching Trent pack for his return to the North. I won't lie, it sucks. It's been so nice having him here all summer. We've had so much fun between our trips to the Island and back East, open water swims and trips to the farmers market. It will be nice to know that in June he'll be back for good!

We decided to spend our last full day over on Bowen Island. We went for a great hike around Killarney Lake and then had lunch at a great little restaurant on the Island.

I have to tell you...we have some crazy radio station on that plays love songs from 9-11 PM and people can call in and request songs. Right now we are listing to Miss you like crazy by the Moffats. Who am I?


Dan Dickinson said...

I'm sorry...the overwhelming saccharine scent actually just made me gag a little bit. I'll be ok.

OK...what were you saying?

Jenn said...

Please believe me when I day we had it on as a joke. More painful than the songs were the dedications.

You didn't vote look off did you?