Sunday, September 02, 2007

Last weekend RR, DK and I participated in the Jericho Oceanman race. It's a local triathlon that can be done single, relay or team and involves swimming, paddling and running plus a few secret challenges thrown in to keep everyone on their toes.

Before I start I should mention that I jokingly called our team, Team No Training as we entered at the last minute and none of us had really trained for the event. DK, the strongest swimmer of our group did the swim, a 1K ocean swim. I got the paddle as I have the most paddling experience while RR did the run. What a laugh. While we might not have done well, we had a ton of fun. DK's secret event involved paddling out around a bouy about 50m out on an air mattress. I got to do some stand up paddle boarding while RR did a little orienteering in his 8K run with one check point having a croquet challenge.

Next year I might give it a try solo or do it with Trent. Will definitely also choose the surf ski over the outrigger for the paddle portion.

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