Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lost and Found

I've been searching for weeks for my favourite hat, a wool knit one that Scooper brought me back from Peru last year. Its bright, its pink and it has cute little flaps that cover my ears and it is time I accept that it is gone. I've gone through our two storage lockers, my snowboard bag, all my coats, the clothes boxes under my bed...everywhere.

This morning, after weeks of searching without success I finally found the book I have been looking to get Trent for Christmas. It was in a used book store at the top of my street which I have visited several times in my quest. I checked all the usual sections for it and just happened to pause on my way out and look at a shelf and there it was; in the wrong section, unshelved and staring out at me. I actually let out a gasp when I saw it. This search has taken me to over 15 used book stores all across the city, 4 Salvation Army's, a Senior's home book sale and all over the the internet. Who knew it would be so hard to find a simple book.

Christmas shopping complete. Now to just figure out how I get it all in my suitcase.

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Must be love?