Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not so much Viva Las Vegas.

As Caron and I arrived the sun and warm weather decided to take a vacation. Plans to laze by the pool were quickly replaced with some good shopping, serious napping and an evening of roulette.

We didn't end up going bridal gown shopping as most of the places I tracked down didn't carry the designers I was looking for. I did try on one dress at White House Black Market but it was more of a formal dress than a gown but it was fun to put a white gown on.

On Sunday before I left I walked over to the Mandalay Bay to visit the Shark Reef Aquarium. It was great and I would totally recommend it to anyone planning to visit Las Vegas. The fish and sharks were absolutely beautiful and the aquariums were unbelievable.

Sunday afternoon, after Caron had left and just hours before I took off the sun made its return. Unbelieveable!

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